I am a young Canadian illustrator from Alberta currently based out of Montreal. Having recently graduated with honours from the illustration program at Dawson College, I aspire to work in the table top gaming industry but am also fond of character design, graphic design and animation. I work in a variety of different styles but alway maintain an emphasis on composition, lighting, and narrative. I think my work is most notable because of my eye for detail, rigorous creative process, flexibility and unique touch.

My interest in the arts was first sparked as a child while watching behind the scenes interviews with the character designers, concept artists and animators who worked on Disney and Pixar classics. Since then my artistic inspirations have included The Pre Rapheillite brotherhood, Dice Tsutsumi, and J.A.W Cooper. 

I am a life long tabletop gamer and a fantasy fanatic. I am also an avid feminist and failed vegetarian. My creative hobbies include painting miniatures, modelling clay and embroidery. My go to party tricks are breaking out the ukulele for a good singalong and rambling on about nerdy trivia to anyone who will listen.